I have two separate Series in the works, The Embers and The Legacy. One is Scifi, and the other is Fantasy. Check out their descriptions below.

The Embers Series

Set in the year 3027, the Embers Series follows some of Earth’s survivors as they struggle to end the cycle of bloody civil wars that have spawned out of Earth’s death. They hope that by doing so, they can prepare humanity for a new threat that is on the horizon.

TKyles Book editedhe Embers

(Book 1 of 3) Earth is gone. Mankind is divided, and a new threat rises. Phelan Abercrombie, Admiral in the Earth Protectorate Alliance, must struggle with political machinations back home and against pirates abroad that threaten to topple the fragile peace on a daily basis, until a deadly pirate attack changes everything. WIth thousands dead he’s left with the task of tracking down those responsible and finding out who funded them. 

                                                             Date TBD


Swords and Plowshares

(Short Story) Phelan Abercrombie is in a tight spot. With civil war on the horizon, he must find a way to deliver millions of tons of food to Titan before the planet starves, but the only way involves working with the pirate Morgan Deville.

Date TBD

When Titans Break

(Book 2 of 3) War has returned.

Date TBD

The Legacy

This follows the adventures of a orphan named Jaun who is slowly discovering the secrets of his family while trying to fight to survive in a world ravaged by war, full of corrupt leaders, wild monsters in a place known as the Eastern Kingdoms of Elvernor.

Date: Available Now